Become a FastPdfKit Authorized Reseller

Are you a developer that builds third party applications?

Starting from today you can become a FastPdfKit Authorized Reseller and build custom applications for your customers with ability to display pdf documents boosting your selling capabilities.

Today in mayor countries, there are several developers that are using FastPdfKit in their Applications.

Pdf documents are universally used to distribute internal company documents, magazines, newspapers, books, personal documents, etc. Companies are searching for ready to deploy solutions to remove the needs of printed paper and reduce delivery costs. Million of customers all over the world are just waiting for an affordable solution tha you can get immediately ready to use.

To support the visualization of complex pdf documents in iPhone and iPad are required tens of months/man to build a complete reader to be included in your applications. Or you can simply download FastPdfKit and be productive in three minutes.

Join now FastPdfKit technology, take a day to study its functions, take a look at the demonstration videos and take a look at the source code, then create a demo version with your logo and features, then let your customers take a look. Register as Authorized Reseller to get many advantages.

You'll get many advantages:

  • 15% discount on any license type;
  • Ability to purchase bulk licenses packages with discounts as high as 75% (packages not available to standards developers);
  • One free license immediately available for your demonstrations to potentials customers;
  • Priority technical support;
  • New features implementation with priority;
  • One ticket for a 1 to 1 support session;
  • Another 5% discount if you decide to let us publish on the app name and icon, and the final customer name;
  • Invoices will be sent to you and not to your customers;
  • License activation with priority and automatic (currently in development);
  • Acces to support material, guides and videos.

How to partecipate:



Reseller's logo, name, address and description, will be published on page