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Questions Answers
How many apps can I build with a license? 1
Can I buy an unlimited version? No, but if you Become Reseller you can buy Bulk Packages.
Do I get the complete source code? You can download the source code at any moment from github, but there will be a compiled library.
How do I activate the license? You'll receive an activation code as soon as the transaction is confirmed. The code must be placed in the application's Info.plist file.
I need the complete source code! From the license: Source Code: if DIMENSION decides to stop supporting FastPdfKit or closes down, the FastPdfKit code will be open sourced.
Do I have to pay for updates? Free Updates Forever
Every future update will be free, so you'll be sure that your application will be always up to date and will run smoothly even on future and unreleased devices.
Is there a check at runtime? Yes, FastPdfKit search for the activation code in the Info.plist and match it with the Bundle-ID or App-ID in the same file.
Does FastPdfKit call home from inside my app? FastPdfKit doesn't use any network connection and doesn't call home. We don't track you in any way.
Can I use FastPdfKit in Enterprise or In-House applications? Yes, In-House distribution is fully supported
What do I have to do to get second and following licenses discounts? As long as you use the same account, they're calculated automatically.
Can I remove the logo from the Free version? Yes, you can remove it purchasing a paid license.
My situation is different, can we discuss it? Yes, contact us with the support website.