Multimedia in pdf documents

Want to show videos, play sound and music or include web pages — static or with animations — in your publications? Starting now this is possible — with FastPdfKit.

Want full interactivity? Make your publications even more appealing, richer in content? From now on you can — with FastPdfKit.

Only with our framework you can skim through pdf documents with multimedia content overlaid directly over the PDF.

Sound, video, web pages, local and remotes — all can be included with a few clicks in your publication. And you don't need pricey plug-ins or to write any line of code. You can even use Preview (shipped with every Mac) or any other PDF-editor.

Download FastPdfKit Reader FREE from the App Store and take a look at your first multimedia-rich PDF!

Take a Look!

  • Add videos and show them directly over all the PDF pages;
  • Add sound effects, music or voiceover;
  • Add HTML5 animations (both native and converted) from Flash in all your pages;
  • Add entire websites, dynamic pages, and news feeds from your blog;
  • Add native UIViews with maps, buttons or any other component.


Still think that’s hard to do? From now on, nothing could be simpler. You just need a PDF-editor like Preview and then add simple annotations with a custom link.

First, try the sample Kiosk application in the FastPdfKit repository. Edit the sample xml included with it and set it in a web space. You'll have a complete application with support for multimedia PDFs ready to distribute to your clients. You’ll be done in minutes,

If you need offline content, you can create a compressed archive with both the PDF and the multimedia content. FastPdfKit will decompress the archive for you. You can then access embedded-content via your local paths.

For more information take a look at the multimedia protocol guide.