Comparison with Adobe DPS - Woodwing and Paperlit

Features Adobe DPS - Woodwing Paperlit FastPdfKit
Universal distribution
True PDF
Customizable interface
Source code available
Zoomable content
Customizable Overlay
Bidimensional scrolling
Newsstand support
Two pages side by side
Text Search
Text interaction
Kiosk View
Share contents
Setup fee
Starting at € 4260 Starting a € 2000 Starting at € 0
Single issue App
? Starting at € 100 per month Free
Multi issue App
? Starting at € 100 per month Free
Per Download fee
€ 0.22 after first 5000 ? Free
Monthly fee
Starting at € 100 Free
App with other features
? ?
Tool needed
InDesign CS 5.5 None Any pdf editor
Creation tool fee
€ 1534,80 None Free

The source code for the core library is not available.


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