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FastPdfKit is developed for everyone that need a pdf reader for iOS applications: developer, publishers and companies are our key partners.

Over 400 developer that are using FastPdfKit all around the world to offer to their clients an app with a full featured pdf reader. Take a look at our list of selected partners.

Many publishers have choosen FastPdfKit as their passport to enlarge their opportunities to sell magazines, books and pubblications.

Companies that develops applications for internal use, opted for FastPdfKit to distribute to their agents catalogs and general documents offering a full featured hight end solution.

Not to mention developer that decided to develop applications for iPhone and iPad and to use FastPdfKit builtin adding a key feature.


With FastPdfKit you can build applications for your customers with pdf visualization support.

Many companies and publishers needs to bring their pubblications to iPhone and iPad.

You can offer them the realization of simple custom readers or complex company applications and from the magazine's and newspaper's reading kiosks based on FastPdfKit.

You'll find new business opportunities making happy even your current customers.

You have all the stuff needed to be ready in few minutes download now the sample project from github.


If you are a Magazine or Newspaper Publisher and you didn't choose already to offer them on iPad and iPhone, you'll find in FastPdfKit the ideal solution for a low price that will push your business.

Solution like the ones proposed by Woodwing, Paperlit and Adobe usually are not applicable as they don't offer many required features and the excessive price.

FastPdfKit let you create products with a low cost, with all the flexibility need, from your usual developer.

Surely you'll have active collaborations with developers or even you can have an IT department. FastPdfKit is perfect to create easily complete applications simply customizing the interface, as it offers freely everything you need.

You can also contact one of our selected partners, maybe the one nearest to your headquarters, to get ready convenient offers for your business. Obviously you can request an offer to MobFarm with your specific requests.


No more paper, it's arrived the time to distribute electronically catalogs to agents and customers reducing printing costs.

With FastPdfKit you can create one or more applications for internal use with the ad-hoc or enterprise distribution and push in real time updated contents to your collaborators. Everything without on-going costs, a small infrastructure and no costs for content distribution.

Contact one of our partners to evaluate their solutions or call directly MobFarm to obtain the best offer from FastPdfKit creators.

No-Profit Organizations

FastPdfKit includes discounts for selected no-profit organizations and even the ability to use a free Extra license for free with the opportunity to be present on FastPdfKit portfolio.

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